Carlos Correa continues to come up clutch for the Houston Astros, and on October 19, a legendary baseball hall-of-famer told him as much with a grand gesture.

After Game 4 of the AL Championship Series versus the Red Sox on Boston’s turf, Reggie Jackson, known as Mr. October for his stellar postseason performances with the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics, gave the shortstop his Astros hat with the phrase stitched on the side.


“We had that great game, and then when I went back to the locker, Reggie Jackson gave me one of his hats that he’s been wearing around, and to me, that was such a great honor. Reggie Jackson is such a legend of the game. Just giving me the hat with ‘Mr. October’ on the side. That was special to me,” Correa said, smiling from ear-to-ear in a postgame interview.

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